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turismo in sicilia

Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that the key to everything [...]
The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding interchangeability of the colours, the harmonic unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth… those who have seen them only once will possess them for a lifetime

(JWGoethe, “Journey to Italy” , 1817)

Vincenzo guida naturalistica

Who I am

Naturalist guide registered in the Assoguide association.

I'm Vincenzo, 10 years ago I began my adventure in the world of alternative tourism... but even before that my passion led me to discover the tiles of a naturalistic and landscape mosaic praised by many poets, travelers and writers... Sicily. What I hope every time I accompany travelers around the landscapes and environments of Sicily is to be able to convey my information and my attachment to this land full of beauty and contradictions ... but a place is more difficult to explain more will be fascinating… you know. My work is a daily journey within this continent made of light and dreams. By leading several people for a day or more, I receive their emotions and life experiences from them. Thus a symbiosis of information is built, which is a source of pleasure and joy for me and for the traveler.
I am therefore a guide.. but also a traveller, a tourist, a curious person always in search of surprises… Sicily.

My philosophy is the pleasure of walking in nature understood as a priority need for our body and mind, to discover ourselves and see the landscape with different eyes. And so the excursions, the walks, the photography, the food, the tours, become a whole called Sicilybynature… Sicily of course. My proposals are: Trekking of various levels, Naturalistic Itineraries within the Sicilian Regional Parks and Naturalistic Reserves, Birdwatching, Itineraries of Taste, Excursions for Schools, Photographic Tours, Transfer Services, Multi-day tour proposals, Walks naturalistic. Sicily by nature! Sicily of course...


 Sicily is the key to everything

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