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Old Noto & Carosello Valley

Updated: May 9

If you feel like getting to know a remote corner of eastern Sicily and taking a nice excursion, don't miss the opportunity to discover the ruins of Noto Antica and the wonderful Carosello quarry.

- What does the service include?

Departure is from Noto or from a place to be agreed - with a comfortable 9-seater minibus authorised to transport passengers - to the archaeological site of Noto Antica and the Carosello quarry.

Your naturalist guide will take you through an ancient gate first inside the archaeological site of Noto Antica and then down the valley for a trek into the Carosello quarry.

These places combine archaeology, history and nature. In a single hike, you can admire the remains of the rich and invincible Noto Antica, the necropolis and visit the Carosello quarry, with its magnificent ponds, river of the same name, mills and ancient Byzantine tanneries, still clearly visible and so impressive for their state of preservation.

Visits to Noto Antica and the Carosello quarry can be made all year round, with the right safety conditions and according to the advice of your expert nature guide. In summer, it is possible to cool off in the cool waters of the river.

The visit to the Noto Antica site and the Carosello quarry will last approximately three to four hours. In the early afternoon, you will return in a comfortable minibus to the agreed location.

"Before admiring Noto, experience Old Noto and the Carosello Valley"

Natural lake in the Carosello Valley

Ruins of the ancient Aragonese tower at the top of Old Noto

Ancient path leading from Noto Antica into the Carosello valley

Technical Information Sheet

  • Hiking shoes are necessary. A rucksack, trekking poles, a fleece, a sun hat, a 1.5 litre water bottle, picnic in tow.

  • In summer, a swimming costume and a towel.

  • Level: Medium. For average trekkers.

  • Recommended period: All year round.

  • Pick Up: 9.30 a.m.

  • Drop Off: 3.30pm.

  • Cost of Service: From 79.00 euros pax.

  • The service includes: Nature Guide + Pick Up & Drop Off.



The excursions will always be led by a qualified Nature Guide.

To talk to me directly, you can write to me on the chat "let's talk" or click on the "I would like to make a request" button to get useful informationm or to book.

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