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Altesina Mount

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Altesina mount is located within a Nature Reserve, and is the right choice for those who love nature, archaeology and trekking.

Altesina mount lies right in the middle of Sicily, and for this position it was called by the Romans, the belly button of Sicily. From its 1100-metre-high peak, one can observe much of the varied landscape of central Sicily.

Not far from Altesina mountain we have the Morello Valley with its prehistoric settlements: The Byzantine Village of Calascibetta and the Realmese Necropolis dating from the 15th BC.

"At the end of a day spent in nature we will definitely be better off".

Trekking with a French group at the foot of Monte Altesina

Sicilian countryside around Monte Altesina

Mount Altesina and its pastures

Technical Sheet

  • Length:10 km.

  • Level: Medium.

  • Clothing: Hiking shoes, rucksack, walking sticks, water, windjacket, spare t-shirt.



The excursions will always be led by a qualified Nature Guide.

To talk to me directly, you can write to me on the chat 'let's talk' or click on the 'I would like to make an enquiry' button to get useful information.

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