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Nebrodi. The Green Lung of Sicily

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The Nebrodi Regional Park is characterised by wide pastures, mountain lakes, and ancient beech forests considered the southernmost on the European continent.

There are countless treks to be made, ranging from medium to high level.

I could compare the Nebrodi to a 'little Switzerland'. When the rest of the island is scorched by the sun in summer, these lands are still bright green, the temperature is cool, and the air you breathe is healthy and pure.

From the Nebrodi ridges, one can admire Mount Etna, the Aeolian Islands and the Sicilian Dolomites known as the Madonie.

"At the end of a day spent in nature we will definitely be better off".

Etna seen from the Nebrodi Park

Ancient Beech Forest

Nebrodi highlands and Sanfratellani horses

Technical Sheet

  • Length: The routes range from 8 km to 20 km.

  • Level: Medium-high.

  • Clothing: Hiking shoes, rucksack, walking sticks, water, windjacket, spare t-shirt.



The excursions will always be led by a qualified Nature Guide.

To talk to me directly, you can write to me on the chat 'let's talk' or click on the 'I would like to make an enquiry' button to get useful information.

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