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Bberritta Canyon

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

This place has always fascinated walkers with its energy and purity.

Starting from the tiny village of Headwater spring, following a forest path and a typical Hybleian mule track, we will reach the ruins of the Bordonali houses, from here a very ancient stairway will take us to the Bberritta canyon, in the presence of its splendid spring.

At the end of the walking, we will pay a visit to Paola and Giovanni's to taste fresh ricotta, scacce netine, caponata, cold meats, vegetable tarts, and fresh cannoli.

All zero kilometre!

"At the end of a day spent in nature we will definitely be better off".

Trekkers at the Bberritta Canyon

Ancient Hyblean mule track

Giovanni's warm ricotta cheese

Technical Sheet

  • Lenght: 5 km.

  • Level: Easy.

  • Clothing: Hiking shoes, rucksack, walking sticks, water, windjacket, spare t-shirt.



The excursions will always be led by a qualified Nature Guide.

To talk to me directly, you can write to me on the chat 'let's talk' or click on the 'I would like to make an enquiry' button to get useful information.

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