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Etna Night Trekking

Calendar of night trekking on Etna 2023.

Etna Night Trekking - Sicily by Nature 2023

Dear walkers, let's savor the enchantment of Etna with a night trek. Do you dream of discovering a new world under the starry blanket?

We will leave when the sun is setting, but high enough to admire it in all its grandeur. Then imagine being surrounded by the sounds, colors and scents of the sunset and the night, surrounded by old and new walking friends.

Join us in this unforgettable experience!

August 26✔️

First Etna night trekking

All that remains is to try this experience in nature, always in safety and accompanied by your trusted Environmental Hiking Guide".

Please note

Theexcursions will always be led by a qualifiedEnvironmental Hiking Guide.

The proposed events may be subject to changes in dates, due to force majeure, such as atmospheric events or other.

To speak directly with me you can write to me on the "let's talk" chat or click on the "I would like to make a request" button for useful information.

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