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Sunday Trekking Fever

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Calendar Hiking 2023.

Sunday Trekking Fever -  Sicily by Nature

12 November✔️

Etna West- Bosco di Centorbi - Sunday Trekking Fever

Last Sunday's hike was once again a pleasant day for all of us nature walkers.

The initially uncertain weather rewarded your perseverance. The sky after a few clouds gave us splendid views of the Erei mountains and the western slope of the Vulcano, characterised by the presence of flowing caves, patches of the ancient Centorbi forest and some historical flows such as those of 1651 and 1674.

I would like to thank all participants and also those who for various reasons did not attend the event.

I invite you all, old and new, to the next walks and adventures in Sicilian nature.

It will be a 2024 full of new hiking proposals!

16 July✔️

The Trail of Etna's Monumental Trees - Sunday Trekking Fever

was an excursion against the current and conventional models of the moment.

But the group was fearless and curious, braving slightly above-average summer temperatures.

We were rewarded, however, by the astonishing flowering of Etna's broom, which at this time of year expresses its maximum splendour on the 1951 lava flow.

We then visited Etna's great monumental trees, and rested in the shade of these mighty Etnean patriarchs.

Finally, we returned to Milo via the 1979 lava flow, while the sun was less scary. My thanks go to all those who participated in this event.

11 June✔️

Nebrodi Regional Park The Lakes of Monte Soro - Sunday trekking fever

Dear Walkers, I would like to share with you the exciting experience I had last Sunday at the wonderful Nebrodi🌿 Regional Park.

The day was a real concentration of rejuvenating walks and meditation surrounded by nature.

The breathtaking scenery, cool breezes and sounds of wildlife made the atmosphere magical and enveloping.

Participants had the opportunity to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, reconnect with themselves and enjoy the many benefits that nature and yoga practice offer.

07 May ✔️

Cava Cardiale was once again full of emotions and encounters old and new.

As always, experiencing a day walking in nature is a source of pleasure and well-being, especially when you share it with people who share the same passion.

Every event experienced with you is always rewarding and enriching.

Old and new walkers alike, discovering new experiences in Sicilian nature, I wish you good walks and look forward to seeing you at the next event

26 March ✔️

Cardinale Canyon click for more

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who made our recent adventure in the evocative setting of the Cava Cardinale extraordinary, a trek that took us through the fascinating Hyblean countryside, between the municipalities of Palazzolo Acreide and Canicattini Bagni.

The landscape revealed itself to be a kaleidoscope of wonders, with wild quarries alternating with typical dry-stone walls, generous water sources and clearings dotted with centuries-old olive trees and ancient holm-oak forests.

Our excursion reached its climax at the Cava Cardinale, where we immersed ourselves in a world of small natural pools, offering us the opportunity to stop, relax and enjoy a pleasant swim on hot summer days.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who shared this fascinating trekking experience with us.

You were instrumental in making this day in the beauty of the Hyblean countryside unforgettable.

12 February ✔️

Uphill of Margi click for more

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our community of trekking enthusiasts with the recent excursion to the Margi Plateau in the beautiful Peloritani mountains in Sicily. On 12 February, we shared peaceful and meaningful moments with participants from near and far, exploring together the natural beauty of this authentic region.

The Margi Plateau, located a short distance from Taormina, offered breathtaking views, making the excursion an unforgettable experience for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. This unique place, despite being close to tourist Taormina, remained authentic, offering a haven of tranquillity and authenticity away from the sea.

Immersed in the unspoilt beauty of nature, we had the opportunity to explore the trails of the Peloritani mountains, enriching our trekking experience with a fusion of authenticity and evocative landscapes. The hike not only offered spectacular views but also a connection to the history and culture of the Sicilian region.

We warmly thank all participants for helping to make this day special.

29 January ✔️

Mount Gemmellaro Path click for more

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who made our recent adventure on the evocative 'Ring of Mount Gemmellaro' memorable, a route that embraces all of Etna's distinctive features, including old and new lava flows, larch pine forests, lateral craters and hornitos.

The beginning of our trek led us through the imposing lava flows of 1892 and 2001, giving us a unique perspective on Etna's geological history. The landscape, with its sweeping views of the Gulf of Catania and the volcano's summit areas, added a touch of majesty to our trek.

The highlight of our excursion was undoubtedly the visit to the lava front of the 1866 eruption and its hornitos, which originated at the foot of the lateral crater known as the 'Gemmellaro'. This experience allowed us to immerse ourselves in Etna's geological history, offering a unique opportunity to explore the signs left by past events.

Once again, we would like to warmly thank all those who shared this extraordinary trekking experience with us. We look forward with enthusiasm to our next adventures and new opportunities to explore the unique beauty of Sicily together.

"All that remains is to try this experience in nature, always in safety and accompanied by your trusted environmental hiking guide."


Mount Gemmellaro Path

Mount Gemmellaro Path - Sunday Trekking Fever -  Sicily by Nature
Mount Gemmellaro Path

Mount Gemmellaro Map


Uphill of Margi

Uphill  Margi - Peloritani
Uphill Margi - Peloritani

Map of Uphill of Margi


Cardinale Canyon

Cardinale Canyon Hiking
Cardinale Canyon Hiking

Map of Cardinale Canyon


The excursions will always be led by a qualified Environmental Hiking Guide.

The proposed events may be subject to changes in dates, due to force majeure, such as weather or other events.

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